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Welcome to For The Kids, LLC

These are children at risk in every way imaginable.

Empowering sustainable life-change, one human being at a time.

For The Kid’s training in Colorado offers access to Gold Standard care, strategies and opportunities for co-parents to establish healthy co-parenting.  We’ve established a reputation for providing usable tools for co-parents to effectively apply these strategies in their co-parenting.

Anything can be accomplished…

…by ANYONE as long as they have

the proper guidance and motivation.

For The Kids, LLC (FTK) is a high-impact Co-Parenting Class & Training for co-parents or guardians involved in challenging, high-conflict co-parenting arrangements. While our workshop is located near South Denver at our Greenwood Village location, we have co-parents that come from many other surrounding cities to learn and integrate these strategies into their lives.

Open enrollment allows parents to start any week of their choosing…including next week!

Specifically, FTK is designed to significantly:

  • Reduce the level of ongoing parental conflict.
  • Reduce the impact of ongoing parental conflict on children.
  • Reduce the level of contempt toward your co-parent.
  • Increase the ability to deal effectively with your co-parent.

These objectives are reached through placing co-parents in separate 2-hour (approximate) trainings for 10 weeks and then participating in the 11th training together to apply the tools learned in the first 10 weeks.  The 11th Training is a required component of the For The Kids program, and co-parents are qualified to participate in this training unless restraining orders or no contact orders are present between co-parents. The curriculum and delivery format are designed to provide parents with tools for effectively navigating the complexities co-parents encounter in effectively co-parenting their children.

FTK CurriculumFTK parent reviews


Parents upon completion reported…

Level of ongoing parental conflict on the children from start of FTK to completion of FTK decreased from 9 to 2.


Level of contempt toward your coparent from start of FTK to completion decreased from 10 to 1.

From a Father

Main changes you have made since you started For The Kids?


Level of ongoing parental conflict from the start of FTK to the completion of FTK decreased from 7 to 1.

From a Father

“A total change in my parenting.”

Level of ongoing parental conflict when you started FTK to completion of FTK decreased from 10 to 2.

From a Mother

“Not taking things personally, accepting he is who he is, focusing on the child.”

From a Mother
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