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For The Kids, LLC (FTK) Training is an 11 session training program, combining the best of Cognitive-Behavioral concepts, Structural Family tools, Attachment theory, and Social learning theory, designed to focus co-parents on behaviors that serve the best interest of their children.

> Each group training is 2-hours in length (approx.)

> $65 per person per group for sessions (trainings 1-10)

> 11th training cost: $300  ($150 per parent)


(*11th training only provided when there is no restraining order or protection order in place)

We want to hear from you! Please call (303) 222.8040 for class schedule and details.

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What does the FTK co-parenting program include?

  • 3 types of break-ups
  • 3 types of child responses
  • The nature of narcissistic wounds & 2 types of malignant parents
  • The 4 instincts
  • The 7 appetites
  • The 3 pivotals, the trauma of divorce, and the 6 deadly sins

Who are my kids?
Seeing it from the kids’ perspective
Understanding healthy kids

  • 3 types of boundaries and the law of homeostasis
  • Expert tips for resilience
  • Parental addiction, trauma & lack of reinforcement
  • ABC’s of personal empowerment
  • Creating a philosophy of co-parenting
  • The 4 horsemen of co-parenting
  • The 4 calvarymen of co-parenting
  • Parent Alienation Syndrome
  • Which one am I?
  • Understanding my impact on my kids and my co-parent
  • My child’s strongest assets & most needed assets
  • Understanding the nature of guilt, healthy co-parenting, & making it right
  • Sculpting empathy
  • For The Kids ‘10 Commitments
  • Dear Mom & Dad . . .
  • Co-parenting business plans versus Parallel co-parenting business plans
  • Provided for qualifying co-parents to meet with the FTK Facilitator to apply the tools learned in weeks 1-10.*
  • Cost is $300 ($150 per parent)
  • Co-parenting business plans versus Parallel co-parenting business plans
Co Parenting class